Ajax Construction Kit by Michael Morrison

bought this book at mph bookstore in alamanda putrajaya (along with the ajax starter kit). it's for the software unit, as well.

i am not a php programmer - i manage php programmers, so it's my responsibility to check that the software unit is abreast with the latest technology. the content is quite straight forward for the newcomer.

what was really interesting on this book was the companion live cd featuring a remastered ubuntu live cd. ubuntu is my regular operating system on the company notebook that i use. as well as my 7 year old daughter's desktop and my 71 year old mother's desktop. all on ubuntu 7.10

why ubuntu linux ?
  1. did not think it was worth the money to purchase a ms windows license;
  2. the distro came in 1 cd - free on a computer magazine published in australia
  3. auto-mount usb thumb drive
  4. almost everything can be done from the gui (especially downloading and installing software)
  5. my favorite software (mozilla firefox and openoffice.org) are on it, so why bother with anything else.
why not pirated windows ?
  1. it's stealing (haram in islam)
  2. it's illegal - the risk of the company getting caught by bsa is simply not worth it)
  3. some updates are blocked - i don't like having to use ie 6.0