Ajax Starter Kit by Phil Ballard

bought this book from mph bookstore in alamanda, putrajaya. it's for the software unit. there are a lot of ajax books out there, selected this one as it is set within the context of php, which ties well with what the staff is familiar with. looks simple enough.

the book has a companion cd which includes a pdf of ajax references. what was really interesting was the short introduction on the prototype.js toolkit, rico and the xoad framework.

ajax stands for asynchronous javascript and xml. it's a technique for making websites more user-friendly. examples are dragging on google maps, google suggest, and flickr. conventional websites uses server side scripting (like php) meaning that all processes need to be sent to the server, before moving to the next step. ajax passes some of that processing to the client computer, so that response is faster.

web 2.0 is not ajax. web 2.0 is about collaboration (people working together) on the internet. examples are wikipedia.org, flickr, google spreadsheet. some of these websites uses ajax so that people can work together more effectively. but there are also some web 2.0 sites that hardly uses any ajax tools like wikipedia.org