How to make Millions with your Ideas : An Entrepreneur's Guide

My wife borrowed this book from the district library in Marang, Terengganu. A really really good book for people who need to bring their idea / product / service to market. I quote the author Dan Kennedy from the first chapter of his book :
" Success seems to be a more chaotic (and more exciting) process of grabbing this idea from here, that piece of information from over there, goofing this up, seeing that work, and fitting puzzle pieces together until you have just the right combination for your unique situation."
It is so true. Even Peter Drucker proclaims that there is no right one method for an organisation.
The 8 high probability areas of opportunity is a must read for every business owner who desires that turning point in a stagnant market. To read this book you need to have a product in mind because this is no text book - it is like talking to a mentor about a problem.

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