Understanding MBS (The Modified Budgeting System) by John Antony Xavier

This is a good book for anyone who wants to understand the concept of government budgeting in the Malaysian context. Having had some exposure on the computerised financial and budgetary systems at the federal, state and local government levels, I would safely say this books provides a very very good roadmap of further enhancing public service delivery.

This book references the aspiration and the Treasury Circular 11/1988 of the Treasury in implementing MBS. The chapter on Performance Monitoring and Evaluation is worth a read even for corporate organisations. For any corporate organisation that plans to implement the balanced scorecard, then this is a good starting point for building a checklist of the general requirements.

Personally, I liked the simple definition of programmes (which a lot of project management books misses out). I picked it up for general reading at the Marang District Public Library. It's call number is 658.154 XAV and is published under the Intan Management Series. The chapters in the book are:
  1. What is budgeting ?
  2. Line Item Budgeting vs Performance Budgeting
  3. The Road to MBS
  4. MBS - Principles and Objectives
  5. MBS and Aggregate Expenditure Control
  6. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Practical on the Modified Budgeting System
  8. Budget Management in Transition