Balik Kampung Singapore During Ramadhan

Over the weekend I accompanied my mother visiting my grandmother in Singapore. Malays would normally call this 'balik kampung' (meaning going back to the village) but both my parents are urban. My grandmother lives with my uncle in a 12 storey apartment. I have not been back to this 'village' for so many years.

We travelled by train, which reminded me of similar train trips 28 years ago when I was still in school. At that time, the rail tracks would occasionally pass malay villages with wooden homes. On this trip there were none of those remaining. The present Singapore is totally urban.

The August 23rd, 2010 issue of Newsweek carried a feature article  on the Best Countries in the World which ranked Singapore at 20th, ahead of Malaysia at 37th. In comparison, the top five countries are Finland,  Switzerland,  Sweden, Australia and Luxembourg.  Japan is 9th, USA at 11th, Germany at 12th, United Kingdom is 14th, Thailand at 58th, China is 59th and Indonesia at 73rd. Singapore is also ranked 1st on Economic Dynamism ahead of USA and South Korea.

I enjoyed my weeked in Singapore. Here are a few family photos of my mother and aunts.